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The portrait of Susanna Lunded nee Fourment by Peter Paul Rubens

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Imprimatura and Drawing
Imprimatura & drawing
Imprimatura and Drawing
Shadow study
Imprimatura and Drawing
Grisaille & color
White arrows:
Being a real virtuoso Rubens usually skipped "dead" grisaille layer (shown on the neck and the shoulder) incorporating it partially in the next one.

Green arrow:
flesh color looks flat on this stage without glazes and highlights.
Around the left eyelid you can see imprimatura and umber shadows glowing through the flesh colors.
Imprimatura and Drawing
Burnt Umber  of Shadow Study and Imprimatura are glowing through the upper layers.
Imprimatura and Drawing
Shadow Study and Imprimatura are left almost untouched above the temple. Blue reflection on the jaw (from the sky on the background) was done during Live Color Stage.
Imprimatura and Drawing
Finished painting
Bluish Half-Tones of skipped by Rubes "dead layer" are masterfully  mixed in the "live color layers".
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